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Our skilled Lifestyle Mistresses are selected for their beauty, intelligence and serious devotion to the fetish lifestyle. They are trained to help you expand your entire life mind, body and spirit  through the appreciation of Fetish and how you express it.  The goal is to come to terms with your Fetish, educate yourself to safe practices, and find healthy ways to express it in your private environment and with those you care about.

Their successes in helping slaves to come to terms with how Fetish can be integrated into their lives together in a manner that respects both parties.  Most often, slaves discover new realms to improve their relationships and enhance their sensual and sexual love for each other.

The Mistresses carefully guides you in the steps you need to take in your self-acceptance, presentations to loved ones, and the progress of your relationships as they develop.

The Mistresses creates scenes with elegance, sophistication and grace that rise above and beyond the mainstream comprehension of sexual limitations into true works of sensual Art and Beauty for those involved and those observing.  It is here that the Euphoria of Fetish is experienced, shared and cultivated and a deep sense of contentment is achieved.

Experience something that will arouse all of your senses with Lifestyle Mistresses and get something that you never got before. They are  lifestyle Dominatrix that deeply enjoys exploring the Domme/sub relationship in most every way possible. They can be the best thing that has ever happened to you or your worst nightmare. Lifestyle Mistresses are highly evolved and endlessly creative and they will assess your strength and weakness, and use them to best manipulate you. They will definitely shape you into their personal pet and you will enjoy  like never before. If you are ready to experience how it’s like to be a lifestyle sub, you should start your private session with this kinky Mistresses and experience all the benefits of doing it. Now is the time for you to take things to the higher level.
No session fees or tributes collected for Training. Only your Registration to our  Lifestyle Training Community Site, which will be used and be a tool for your lifestyle sessions and fun. That's the ONE and ONLY thing required.

Dominas Waiting to Train You!!

Goddess  Monique
Queen Heart

Miss Lily Claire

Mistress Chole

Empress Kim

Madam Angel

Lady Sarah
Domina Mylie

     Seductress Maria